The Shadracks – Bedazzled / Love Me 7″


Artist – The Shadracks

Release – Bedazzled / Love Me 7″

Side A
Side AA
Love Me

Label – Spinout Nuggets (Cat No. – SN058)

Release date – 25th of February 2022

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Artist – The Shadracks

Line-up: –
Huddie Shadrack – Vocals/Guitar
Elisa Shadrack – Drums
King Nebuchadnezzar – Bass Guitar/Vocals

James Taylor – Hammond Organ
William Ivy Loveday – Guitar/Backing Vocals
J.W. Loveday – Backing Vocals

Release – Bedazzled / Love Me

Side A
Side AA
Love Me

Label – Spinout Nuggets

Cat No. – SN058

Release date – 25th of February 2022

The Shadracks are a three-piece rock’n’roll group hailing from Medway, Kent. Here they provide razor sharp sounds, much like a musical lizard with a fancy neck frill and a dirty old tail dragging in the primordial swamp of yesteryear.

Formed in a pitiful parkland, cultivated in a Strood garage (wine store) and with two albums under their belt, these young scamps decided it was high time to sign away their souls to Peter Cook (and Cuddly Dudley, of course). So here we present Bedazzled and Love Me. Featuring Huddie Shadrack on vocals and guitar, Rhys ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ Webb on bass and vocals and Elisa Abednego on the drum set. Whether you like it or not, The Shadracks insist on supplying the goods.

‘Quite’, ‘good’ and ‘fun’ are three words. Those who claim wit and imagination to be their bed fellows would be well advised to apply all three to this great tribute to the 1968 Bedazzled soundtrack. Do it!

The Shadracks trio gathered at Ranscombe Studios, gathering up special guests: James Taylor (James Taylor Quartet), J.W. Loveday (CTMF, The William Loveday Intention) and William Ivy Loveday himself, and pressed record.

Limited to just 500 hand-numbered copies this lump of wax is a must for all you musically undernourished fools of Boris’s torrid reign. (please buy this record . . . Please!).

                                    Peter Sellers. 2022 RIP

The fifty-eighth release on the Spinout Nuggets label, this will mostly be available via, the band and all good record outlets worldwide.


Produced by William ‘Spook’ Loveday.
Engineered by Jim Riley.
Recorded at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent.
Sleeve by Old 4 Legs.

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