Spinout Nuggets

Essentially a record label, we’re very lucky to have some fine musicians in the outer radius of the Spinout family, and this is where we are able to help get their mighty fine work out to various ears around the world.

It’s a vinyl affair, in short runs, and we welcome a listen to your work/s with a view to a potential release.

Announcement time!
We’re very pleased to share with you that the next release on Spinout Nuggets will be from Edinburgh’s lo-fi, high-class, garage twang combo Thee Girl Fridays!
It’ll be a three track EP, wrapped in a sleeve masterly decorated by Chris Taylor.
These previously digitally presented tracks were taken back to the studio (Ravencraig Studios), and finely tweaked by the girls and twiddle-expert Angus McPake.
Official release date is 26th of January, the same date that the girls perform at Get Hip! presents Thee Girl Fridays + Get Hip! dj’s!
More to follow………..!

Thee Girl Fridays - The Love Witch 7

Get That Beat know the score! They're stocking Spinout Nuggets releases on their site, amongst some mighty fine gems! Have a look!

Thee Girl Fridays are a lo-fi high-class garage twang combo from Edinburgh Since 2016 they ve had the dance-floors twistin -and-a-shakin’ at some of

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Finally managed to grab the latest edition of Shindig! Magazine... the latest! magazine (via the slow Cornish pigeon). Real pleased to see not one, but two releases from Spinout Nuggets in the ... See more


We're real pleased to share with you that the next release on Spinout Nuggets will be a three-track 7" EP from The Treasures of Mexico, a music project from Mark Matthews and Bob Collins, both ... See more

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Have you been lucky enough to grab some badges from @theegirlfridays yet? Well head on over to https://theegirlfridays.bandcamp.com/merch before they’re gone!

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We are busting at the seams, desperate to share the next release with you. Soon!

Out of Limits on Burgess Hill Radio with Dan Whaley 24022019

Thanks to Dan Whaley for giving Shake-Shake! from Thee Girl Fridays a spin on his ever delightful Out of Limits on Burgess Hill Radio show! Listen!

This week's Out of Limits includes tracks from The Specials, Laura B, The Equals, Howlin Wolf, Johnnys Thunders and Cash, Jimi Hendrix, The King Rooster, Pronghorn, Preston Epps and a whole lot ... See more


Good morning from Gladys.


Well, it seems all quiet on the face of it, but please be assured we are working excitingly hard in the background. Three releases on their way during the next three months! Limited copies of Thee ... See more

Ms. Boom Presents

Thee Girl Fridays single launch night, courtesy of Ms. Boom!

Very amateur video alert!


Many thanks to Adam and Heavy Soul for the feature on Thee Girl Fridays, in Issue 44. Got yours yet?

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A big thanks to Keb Darge for opening up his Sixties Rebellion show on Soho Radio with the recent release from André M, a show full of many musical wonders, for your much needed listening pleasure! Hit the link below!

Have we mentioned? 26th of November saw the third release from the label, this time from Hammond-fuelled, Funk-fired, Rhythm and Blues instrumentalist André M! It’s in the shop!


Newsflash! Test pressings are finally in for the next release on Spinout Nuggets. Naturally we are very pleased to be able to release it, so keep your eyes peeled for more info……soon!






BIG thanks to Keb Darge for playing both recent releases from the Spinout Nuggets label on his show, on Soho Radio, from Medway’s Sergeants Mess and Edinburgh’s The Nettelles, in a row, very early in the show too! Check it out on the link below! Some very fine musical wonders in there!

We’re really pleased to present to you the the new release from The Nettelles, on the Spinout Nuggets label, and it’s out now!

We Are… is a double sided vinyl disc of Garage-Punk!

The Nettelles are a Garage Punk band based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who sprung up in 2016 after former Sally Skull members Clare and Saskia got together for a reunion. Following the reunion, they wanted to keep making music together and wanted to make it bigger and louder, and thus recruited close friend Caitriona on keyboards as she’d ‘always wanted to be in a band’, and enlisted Angus in for drums. The Nettelles was formed! Together, they make Garage influenced music and have also been known to cover songs by The Pandoras, The Brood, Shadows of Knight and Sally Skull of course. Head on over to our shop at https://www.spinoutproductions.com/shop/ for more info!

A mighty fine review of the first label release from Medway’s Sergeants Mess, in the latest edition of Bananas Magazine! Big thanks to Lenny the words.

Order a copy at http://bananas-magazine.com/get-the-last-issue-/ or get it from your favourite label/distro in the next coupla weeks!







Check out Shindig! – ace to see a good 4-star review for the Sergeants Mess release on our Spinout Nuggets label, in the latest edition, amongst many other wondrous releases. Thanks Hugh. Get your copy now, both mag and seven inch!







Check out April’s edition of the legendary Record Collector Magazine (page 113) for a neat review of the recent release from Medway Sergeants Mess, on our very own Spinout Nuggets label (recorded at Sandgate Studios with Mole on the control). Also sharing the limelight with the ace release from André Mon Crocodile Records too. Thanks RC, and thanks Russell Taylor for the heads up.



Always a pleasure to listen in on the ace episodes from the Retro Man Blog, full of mighty fine musical wonders old and new, complete with education based around these too, but this one is particularly special as Steve has also featured the recent release from Medway’s Sergeants Mess, released on our very own Spinout Nuggets label. And ace to hear Back In The Bag played too. Thanks for the support Steve Worrall. Mighty fine work!


We’re very pleased to receive the latest edition of Heavy Soul Modzine today, not just for its fine, informative and desirable content, or its very well coordinated CD compilation, but also for the feature on our newly formed Spinout Nuggets record label, along with a mention of the first fine release from Sergeants Mess.

The fresh release from Medway’s Sergeants Mess has made it to ‘Record of the Day’ at the mighty fine 50thirdand3rd – hit the link below.
You can still get yours at the Spinout shop, and all good record outlets.

The test pressings are in for the first release on Spinout Nuggets from Medway’s Sergeants Mess.

More info very soon!