Ye Ascoyne d’Ascoynes – Supersonic Shoes LP/CD (pre-order)


Artist – Ye Ascoyne d’Ascoynes

Release – Supersonic Shoes

Label – Spinout Nuggets

Cat No. – SN124

Release date – 31st May 2024

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Artist – Ye Ascoyne d’Ascoynes

Release – Supersonic Shoes LP/CD

Side A
1. Just The Biggest Thing (2:49)
2. Silent Dust (4:07)
3. Psychedelic Shack (2:26)
4. Everything Is What You Make It (3:09)
5. Red Velvet Swing (3:25)
6. 18th Wonder (3:43)
7. Time Goes (1:48)

Side B
1. Holiday Uncles (2:36)
2. Flowers For Hours (2:41)
3. Out To See The World (2:57)
4. (Have You Seen It All Come) Crashing To The Ground? (2:21)
5. Miracle (2:56)
6. 25 Miles From Nowhere (3:11)
7. Get It Together (2:02)
8. Magic: Dismantle (3:27)

Label – Spinout Nuggets

Cat No. – SN124

Release date – 31st May 2024

Ye Ascoyne d’Ascoynes were four Medway wannabes/would-bes who fired their own brand of Garage/Punk/Pop across the land.

Starting in late 1988, The Dentists’ Bob Collins and ex-Dentist Ian Greensmith gathered in Medway’s legendary ‘The Hole’ to play some 60s Garage Punk covers, also roping in Mark Aitken and Kevin Younger to form a firm line-up.

After a year of blasting faves from the Pebbles compilations, they decided not only to add in a few ‘garaged up’ covers of other lost classics, but also delving into writing their very own songs that combined their 60s Garage roots with later influences from the likes of Buzzcocks and Pavement.

Early 1990, they recorded a demo at Red Studios of six original songs, and a cover. Later that year, Kevin stepped down from the group.

Come 1992, The Ascoynes went back into the studio as a trio to record their one and only single ‘Just The Biggest Thing’, with Billy Childish as producer, subsequently releasing it on Billy’s Hangman Records label.

Early 1993, they went back to Red Studios to record more demos.

This album is a result of those two demo recordings. Supersonic Shoes provides prime unreleased early 90s Garage from the best Medway band you’ve never heard of.

The Ascoynes have since played a few shows, and have a few later this year.

Limited to 500 copies, this will be available via the label, the group and all very good record outlets.

Ye Ascoyne d’Ascoynes never split up, and still play the odd gig when duty calls, so do keep a look out!

Line Up:
Bob Collins – Vocals, Guitars.
Mark Aitken – Bass Guitar.
Ian Greensmith – Drums.
Kevin Younger – Keyboards.

Recorded at Red Studios, Wouldham, Kent (in 1990 and 1993).
Mastered by Graham Semark at Cyclone Music, Rochester, Kent.
Published by Spinout Music.


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